The following are videos taken by both us and our customers. We hope you enjoy them as much as our customers enjoy our kits.  For more videos, visit our YouTube Channel.


No explanation necessary.

The easiest mud motor there is to assemble.

Swamp Runner Everglades hunt.

Large Swamp Runner Performance

Matt's Large Swamp Runner.

Customer's Medium Swamp Runner running coastal mud flat.

Sourmash running his 420 Medium Kit through the wooly GA swamp.

Customer comparison of Swamp Runner with other Thai longtail kit.

Great customer review of the Small Swamp Runner Kit.

Patton's Large Swamp Runner.

Customer running The Glades.

Customer's fish tale.

Swamp Runners and Swamp Warfare from Cole on Vimeo.

Small Swamp Runner on Four Rivers Refuge Runner with 6.5HP engine.