Made For The Middle Of Nowhere

Welcome to the home of SwampRunner®, the oldest, fastest, and best value of any mud motor design on the market today. 

We are SPS North America, Inc., and we can help you reach those choice hunting and fishing spots that are simply unreachable with a conventional outboard engine.  Go where no outboard would even dare, and get there at a fraction of the cost, with the best value in a do-it-yourself longtail mud motor kit available in North America.   

Our universal mud motor kits are designed to fit a variety of air-cooled horizontal-shaft general purpose engines sold by Briggs & Stratton, Harbor Freight Tools, Honda, Kohler, Lifan, and others.

Do-it-yourself country boys love our longtail kit because it has several unique attributes, which no other mud motor manufacturer can claim;

  • Our mud motor kit has been in production since 1957, making it the oldest continuously produced long tail design in the world, and the predecessor to all other mud motors in current production.
  • Our long tail kit is the only design backed by over 50 years of field testing in the remote jungles of Southeast Asia.  No other longtail manufacturer can say that!
  • We are the first and only mudmotor company to offer a LIFETIME WARRANTY on key drivetrain components.
  • We guarantee that our kits are, by far, the best value of any mud motor kit on the market today.  There is no mud motor anywhere that is more economical to own, operate, and maintain.
  • We offer the versatility and freedom to choose your own engine.
  • Our kit can be assembled, in less than an hour, using basic hand tools.
  • EVERY part of our kit is replaceable, and IN STOCK.
  • Our parts cost a fraction of what others charge (Example: our propellers start at just $9.99).
  • Our quick-disconnect coupler allows you to replace the entire shaft assembly in seconds.
  • Our engine frame brackets are constructed of thicker steel than used by most other mud motor manufacturers.
  • We developed the first ambidextrous tiller steering in the industry.
  • We offer the only stainless shaft assembly (optional).
  • Simple design with far fewer parts than a surface drive.  Less complicated = less to go wrong. 
  • Swamp Runner™ longtails are faster than the others.


How does a Swamp Runner compare to other Thai longtail brands?  Check out this customer's in depth comparison;


"I just got off the phone with a guy from mud motor kit ..I ordered a longer shaft ..never have I called a place up to order parts and been able to talk to someone so nice and knowledgeable... He talked to me like I was his friend! That's amazing ...I could have talked with him for awhile .lol didn't get his name but these guys are awesome ..they got a good product matched with good people hats off to ya."  
Tom F., Lawrence, KS

"With all of your tech support and being able to pick up the phone and talk to you directly is great and almost unheard of these days.  I work for a large publicly traded custom manufacturing company and there number one focus after safety is customer care.  Reason being without a customer you have nothing.  It seems you guys have this figured out. Keep up the great customer service!"
 Matt C., Hortonville, WI

 "I wanna thank you for all your help. Great customer service. Best I ever had. Polite and very professional. The shipping time is unbelievable. I ordered it Sunday and it'll be here Thursday. That means I'll be ready for fishing Saturday. Outstanding."  Chad B., Corpus Christi, TX

 "By far the best product of its kind on the market for the price! SPS gets you where you need to go! And back!"  Justin B., Dawson Springs, KY

"This is the reason I decided to do business with you, and not those other guys, because of your prompt response."  
Richard H., Saint Paul, MN

"The kit I ordered made it here fast! So fast, in fact it will be a little while before I can get to assembling it.  I'm in the service business and get the impression you run a first class operation.  Thanks!" - Scott H., Palmyra, VA

“I wanted to say thank you very much for your time to help me with my questions.  Being a business owner myself, I really appreciate the help from your staff and you taking the time to respond AND so promptly.  Again, Jon thank thank thank you.  I chose Swamp Runner due to the simple fact that you seem to take great pride in your product and customer satisfaction!  Thank you for providing a quality product at a fair price.” 
- John T.,  Vero Beach, FL

 "Great company with great customer service! Couldn't be happier!"  - Hunter W., Sante Fe, TX

"Best service in the business!!!!!  Thanks for going above and beyond!!!!!" -David C., Freeport, TX

"It was a learning experience and great pleasure to listen to your wisdom about mud motors.  I just ordered the MINI-SWAMP-RUNNER kit.  I feel comfortable buying from someone that is as much a friend as they are a businessman.  I will recommend your kit and you to everyone who asks about the mud motor setup when I use it to duck hunt.  Have a great day Steve ...your boss is lucky to have you on his team.  You made this sale." Chet W., Stevensville, MT