Small Swamp Runner™

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Engines 5.5 to 7 HP

We recommend our Small Swamp Runner™ kits for layout boats, poke boats, sneak boxes, Gheenoes, and small jonboats.

Ships with 6 1/4” & 6 1/2" diameter propellers, generally used with engines between 5.5 and 7HP.   

$399.99 + shipping


Exclusive Features

The following features are exclusive to Swamp Runner mud motors , and not found on other Thai longtails;

♦ SPS couplers and tiller handles are hot-dipped in galvanize, followed by an additional coating of galvanized paint.  Our double galvanizing offers far superior corrosion resistance and paintability over chrome.  It aint pretty, but its far more durable.
♦ The coupler shaft of this kit rides smoothly on an internal radial bearing, while economy Thai longtails have no bearing.
♦ We offer the only tiller handle mounts for left or right hand steering.  All other Thai longtails have right handed steering only.
♦ Our transom bracket is far deeper, wider, and heavier built, offering a safe 2" bite on the transom.  Other Thai longtails have only a 3/4" bite, and are made from thinner stamped steel.
♦ SPS transom bolts have transom pads, providing a larger surface area to grip the transom firmly without digging into the transom and damaging it.
The winged heads of our transom and coupler bolts are constructed of heavy duty steel, while economy Thai longtails use cast aluminum winged bolts that can break.
♦ The diameter of our tiller handles will accept custom throttle levers, while all other Thai longtails have a diameter that will not allow it.
♦ Swamp Runner longtails have grease zerk fittings located in numerous locations for easy lubrication.  The others simply don't have it.
♦ The engine base of our Small, Medium, and Large kits can be moved forward and backward for balance adjustment.  The others dont offer it.
♦ The gimble bracket of this Swamp Runner kit pivots smoothly on sealed roller bearings, while the economy Thai longtail brands use dry bushings.
♦ All our kits come with a high quality tethered kill switch.  We don't use those cheap switches like the others do.
♦ The rails of the engine mounting base and transom gimble brackets of this kit are .40" thick, and constructed of  JIS SS400 grade structural steel (equivalent to AISI-1018 or ASTM-A36. 
♦ SPS utilizes refined manufacturing techniques that are a trade secret, to produce a highly balanced shaft assembly you just can't get anywhere else.

   And there are other differences....

Compatible Engines

Customers  often ask  for examples of engines that will fit our Small Swamp Runner™ kit.  There are simply too many engine makes and models, to list all that will fit.  The following is a short list of just a few of the engines that will fit this kit:

Briggs 205cc models: 122032-0536-B8, 122037-0550-B8
Briggs 10hp Model 20S232-0063-F1 (and other 305cc engines with 3/4" shaft)
Carroll Stream Engines: 5.5hp, 6.5hp
Duromax 7hp XP7HP, XP7HPE
Harbor Freight: 6.5hp Predator 212cc
Home Depot: 6.5hp Lifan 196CC models: LF168F-2BQ, LF168F-2BDQ
Honda 5.5hp GX160 models: GX160UT1QX2, GX160UT1QXP2, GX160UT1QXC9
Honda 6.5hp GX200 models: GX200UTXQ2
Kohler 6.5hp SH265-0011, 7hp CH270-0103, CH270-3011, CH270-3031, CH270-3105
Tecumseh 10hp LH358XA-34

Without physically seeing and measuring your engine, we cannot guarantee this Swamp Runner™ kit will fit your application.  If your engine is not listed above, you will need to consult your engine manufacturer/local engine dealer, or simply take some measurements of your engine to ensure it meets the following requirements;

Engine requirements

  • The engine must have a horizontal output shaft.     
  • The output shaft must be 3/4" inch diameter (non-tapered) with keyway.
  • The engine side cover bolt circle diameter must be: 3 5/8 inches
  • Engine base bolt pattern must be: 6 3/8” X 3 1/8”


NOTE: The 9hp Carroll Stream engine, and all engines with gear reduction box options are not compatible with this kit.




"Hope all is well with you.  I wanted to thank you again. With the small kit, I own the Shenandoah river. Yea, people float some parts of it and when it's high, you see a few jet boats where you don't usually see them. Unless it's super low I run almost all of it and some tributaries. Anyhow, the wife and I discovered this water fall in the side of a mountain that I don't think a lot of people know about.  I have had to straighten and repair the the hull a few times but the look on their faces when we plane by is priceless.  Thanks for keeping the parts available."  - Wes R., Front Royal, VA

"I must say that I am completely satisfied with the mud motor kit I had purchased from you earlier this year! Your product has far exceeded my expectations. This motor has made it a breeze for me to access the backwoods lakes and ponds that I love to fish and hunt."  – Anthony D.,  Cambridge, Ontario 

"Summer is coming here in Ohio.  I have one of your small kits and I love it.   .276 lift cam, 27 lbs springs, chrome moly push rods, billet rockers, honda flat top piston, reamed alky carb, billet flywheel and rod (arc), stainless valves with billet retainers, 12 degree timing, milled head, one inch tuned kart header.  It sounds great and runs smooth with your kit on it.  I would like to also buy a bigger kit for a 16hp motor."  – Don S., Martin, OH

"I was doubtful that this was a practical boat motor. But when my 40 year old 9.8 Mercury kicked the bucket I had to look into a replacement.  My choices were small.  Replace it with a new motor for $2100 dollars, or get another old motor and throwing a ton money in it every year to keep it going, and with parts starting to be hard to find.  One of my coworkers offered to let me try his Swamp Runner mud motor.  I gave it a try and WOW it really worked well with my 14' jonboat ... I was so inpressed with the simplicity of the setup. You sell a great product and I can't wait to get it in.  Motor is built,  just waiting on delivery.  To think what I have in it is about the same amount of cash I would have payed for a used motor saving me $1500 or so dollars.  Thanks  - Don S., Belleville, IL

"You guys put out one heck of a product! I love my Swamp Runner!" - Hunter A., Augusta, WI

"I just wanted to say thanks for selling a great product at a fair price. I have really enjoyed my Swamp Runner longtail.  I got the kit for the 6.5 Predator and I'm running it on a 12 ft Sea Nymph boat .  I have put it to the test while smallmouth fishing in the rocky hydrilla filled waters of the Staunton River here in VA.  I have been able to access all kind of spots that were only accessible before with long trips by kayak.  I have a bunch of people interested in your product and I love all the looks and questions I get on the water.  I always recommend yall and tell how the customer service is top notch." - Todd H., Long Island, VA

"My small Swamp Runner works great.  I'm glad I went with SPS.  I've been changing the minds of the serious "American mud motor" guys every time I launch.  The benefit of the prop angle is evident right away.  I passed a guy with a surface drive twice the size of the small kit.  I also really appreciate how well the kit is made.  I have taken it places most boats just can't go, and I've put it through the paces scouting new duck spots.  It has proven to be bullet proof.  Sand, gravel, rocks, brush, clay bottom, silt, millfoil, coons tail, reed canary grass, bull rush, arrowhead, lily it just plain doesn't matter the kit doesn't break." - Elliot R., Menomonie, WI

"Damn boys, you weren't joking about heavy duty parts!  I got my kit today after ordering three days ago.  Very, very, happy.  The pictures on you site don't do justice to how well they are made and how heavy duty they are.  Can't wait to get this on the back of my canoe.  Thank you."  - Jacob B., Eastover, SC